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What We Offer

No matter what kind of furry friend, we’ve got everything your pet needs for a happy vacation.

Your Pets Holiday Home

Brisbane Boarding Kennels and Cattery

Brisbane Boarding Kennels and Cattery is a first class boarding kennel and cattery located in Boundary Road, Narangba.

Additionally, while boarding at the centre, your pet has the option of receiving additional services such as extra play sessions and group activities which will further enhance your pets boarding experience.

Full inspection of our boarding kennel and cattery facilities are welcome between the hours of 3pm and 5pm on all working days, excluding Wednesday and Saturday and Public Holidays, when we are closed to the public.

Boarding kennel and cattery inspection will include, housing options, enrichment activities, and dietary and medication requirements.


Important – our pick-up service is temporarily unavailable

Brisbane Boarding is pleased to offer customers that are unable to attend our facilities in person, a Pick Up and Drop off Service available in the local area for an additional fee.

Please advise at time of booking *Conditions apply.


Q. What if my pet is not de-sexed?
A. Brisbane Boarding accepts male dogs that are not de-sexed at all times. We do not accept female dogs that are not de-sexed when they are “in season” at time of boarding, all other times entire female dogs are accepted (this is due to a female dog in season causing general disturbance through-out kennels during this time).

Q. What if my trip is delayed and I cannot collect my pet on time as arranged?
A. We ask that you email or facebook message us as soon as possible to let us know of your delay. We in turn will keep your pet secure and comfortable until you are able to collect them. Any fees as a result of extension of boarding are payable in full on check-out of your pet (for extended delays of 3 days or more it is respectfully requested you settle these fees by discussing a payment over the phone).

Q. What if I need to cancel my booking?
A. You can cancel your booking at any time with no penalty in low season by phone or by emailing us. We appreciate as much notice as possible as this allows us to offer the position to another pet. During peak times such as Easter and Christmas periods the deposit is non-refundable.

Q. What if my pet is Human Aggressive or Declared Dangerous?
A. This facility has a policy of refusal for all Human Aggressive and Declared Dangerous pets.

Q. What forms of payment are not accepted?
A. Regretfully we do not accept direct debit or American Express payments.


Brisbane Boarding Kennels and Cattery is a first class boarding kennel and cattery located in Boundary Road, Narangba. We are dedicated to providing high quality accommodation and care for your best friend.

Cats, dogs, birds, rats and guinea pigs are all welcome to board at the centre where they will enjoy the fuss and attention provided by our staff who strive to make your companion as comfortable and as happy as possible during their stay.

We will ensure your pet receives the best pet care by providing spacious pet accommodation, hygienic conditions, high-quality meals, and caring staff who can cater to your companion animals needs.

We take pride in providing for pets that require special dietary requirements and basic medication while boarding for a minimal fee.  Yes, you are welcome to bring your pets special bedding and toys. We won’t guarantee that you will get them back in the same condition, but they will have them with them in their kennel.

Where To Find Us

305-311 Boundary Road Narangba QLD 4504